Pure Vanilla Extract

CONSUMERS: Please note that these items are available by special order for our private label retail and industrial customers only – with minimum order requirements. They are not available to individual consumers for home use. For items available for individual purchase by consumers, visit our Online Store or call 717-393-4441 or 800-346-3135 for details.

Making foods and drinks more flavorful.

Shank’s offers a wide variety of Pure Vanilla Extract for both private label retail and industrial applications. Browse through our product listing below. If you don’t see what you need, please feel free to contact us.

Shank’s takes pride in the varieties and quality of vanilla beans we source to produce our own vanilla extracts. Because of our longstanding history of business in the vanilla market, we have the expertise to navigate the complex world of vanilla bean procurement and provide world-class ingredients to our customers without any disruptions to our manufacturing process.

We offer all grades of these vanilla products:

  • Gourmet Beans
  • High, Mid and Low Vanillin
  • Blends

We also offer all types of vanilla extracts and flavors:

  • Single Fold Through Twenty Fold Strength
  • Alcohol or Non-alcoholic
  • Kosher for Passover
  • Vanilla-Vanillin Blends (Category 2)
  • Imitation/Artificial Vanilla (Category 3)
  • Vanilla With Other Natural Flavors (WONF)

Unless specifically stated otherwise, all of our products are gluten-free.

We offer the following strengths and varieties, as well as blends of any of those listed below.

Pure Vanilla Extract                          

  • Pure Vanilla Extract 1X
  • Pure Vanilla Extract 2X
  • Pure Vanilla Extract 3X
  • Pure Vanilla Extract 4X
  • Pure Vanilla Extract 5X
  • Pure Vanilla Extract 10X
  • Pure Vanilla Concentrate 20X

Vanilla-Vanillin Extract

  • Vanilla-Vanillin Extract 2X
  • Vanilla-Vanillin Extract 4X
  • Vanilla-Vanillin Extract 6X
  • Vanilla-Vanillin Extract 8X
  • Vanilla-Vanillin Extract 10X

SQF-Certified  •  Kosher-Certified  •  Organic-Certified

Private Label Packaging

Shank’s Extracts private labels thousands of products for hundreds of businesses ranging in size from large multi-national corporations to small local businesses. We are a full turnkey operation, with the ability to blend, package, box and ship your product directly from our facility. To learn more, please feel free to contact us.