Assuring quality, kosher and organic standards.

Because of our dedication to the service of our customers, we continually seek quality improvement of the systems at our facilities and in our manufacturing processes. We aim to provide unmatched food safety, and to provide verifiable assurance that products have been produced in accordance with rigorous quality and food safety standards.

These certifications are just further evidence to our customers that they can rely on Shank’s Extracts for the high-quality food products they expect from us. 


Every Shank’s product is certified by the Safe Quality Food (SQF) Institute. Knowing that the flavors and colors have passed rigorous international standards for food quality and safety give you peace of mind during the buying process.

The SQF certification is the only program outside Europe recognized by the Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI), which links primary production certification to food manufacturing, distribution and agent/broker management certification.

Because of our SQF certification, you can be assured we have a strong commitment to food safety, and be secure in the knowledge that we’re dedicated to not only the high standards of food safety but to your projects as well.


The growing need for kosher products in the industry demands you work with a supplier who can deliver the kosher flavors and extracts you need for your formula’s success.

Shank’s Extracts is a Kosher-certified manufacturer of food flavors and extracts certified by nationally recognized kosher organizations. When you think kosher, you should definitely think Shank’s. Few flavor and extract companies in the industry offer the kosher options you find at Shank’s Extracts. If you have kosher products, or if you are interested in developing some, please take the time to learn more about our offerings.


Our wholesale certified organic flavors allow you to bring the most out of your recipes. The true test of an organic ingredient is not finding just good source ingredients, but finding the very best ingredients available.

At Shank’s, we’re committed to providing our customers organic flavors featuring unmatched quality and tremendous value and after 100 years of serving our customers, we know a thing or two about excellent service and dependability.